Thursday, November 14, 2019

Immigration and Immigrants are Destroying America Essay -- Argumentati

The U.S. is slammed by growing numbers in population. It seems that many do not think of the long term effects of this increase. This is one of the most significant problems Americans face today, yet no one talks about the problem, when it comes to the debate over immigration. â€Å"The current world population is over 6 billion and increases at a rate of 76,570,430 people every year. Since 1950, U.S. population has nearly doubled - growing from 151 million to over 294 million today. If present trends continue, our population will exceed 400 million by the year 2050. Immigration contributes over one million people to the U.S. population annually. The total foreign-born population in the U.S. is now 31.1 million, a record 57 percent increase since 1990. About 8 million of those are here illegally--a 4.5 million increase since 1990. Almost one-third of all immigration during the 1990s was illegal. An NPG demographic analysis of age distribution, fertility, and mortality data sho ws that if there had been no immigration to the U.S. since 1990, the population in 2000 would have been 262 million–19 million less than the 281 million counted. Thus, post-1990 immigrants and their children accounted for 61 percent of population growth during the last decade.† (Negative Population Growth. 2004. Supporters of letting more immigrants come into the country claim that immigrants do not take away jobs from the hard working American. They have a claim that it actually helps boost America’s economy by increasing the purchasing of goods. Advocates of immigration, claim that Americans think they are too good to hold certain jobs and immigrants fill the jobs Americans do not want. The Director of Workforce Success, Phylis Eisen states, â€Å"Tens of thousands of jobs go unfilled in the high tech industry. The Hewlett-Packards, the Intels, the Motorollas, the entire semi-conducting industry has to fill forty-thousand jobs in the next three years. If they can’t do this, they have to go overseas. The companies always prefer to stay in America.† (Immigration: Promise and Hope for Generations. 1998). This does not seem to be the case when so many companies actually leave their U.S. home factories and build new ones in third world countries. (The Big One. Michael Moore. 1998). Why would any company prefer to stay in America when they could ... ... Jessica. â€Å"Should We Keep Them Out?† Time Oct. 2001.). If America would have tightened its security to begin with there would not be this problem. All because of the lack of the U.S. immigration policy, America is left only with the memories of those who lost their live on September eleventh. Where does America draw the line? America is literally destroying itself because there are no solid grounds on immigration in the U.S. After September eleventh, a new â€Å"secure† policy on immigration was launched. How long until this new way of controlling America’s immigration is forgot about like so many other actual laws that were proposed? The U.S. cannot let its land be turned into a madhouse where people are everywhere. American’s jobs, education, taxes, comfort, economy, and most important safety, are on the front line battlefield. The U.S. government and its people need to get serious about who is let into this country. A revolution needs to be made and engraved into the public of its new reform. If America continues to sit back and be overtaken by booming numbers from other countries, America will eventually destroy itself. It will be the death of a nation.

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